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INXY – dedicated servers, content delivery network (CDN), cloud solutions
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Dedicated INXY – dedicated servers, content delivery network (CDN), cloud solutions
Spring Sale from INXY: Get Dell R220 true Full Management 100 mbps unshared unlimited connectivity for 120USD/mo only!

Want to get a performance solution and wouldn't like to mess with technical side? No worries, we have included true full management into the package! Forget about tech difficulties and concentrate on your business - we will do the rest!

Purchase Dell R220/E3-1231v3/32 GB/2x 240 SSD/H310 + 8 IPs + 100 mbps of unmetered unlimited connectivity with premium Tier-1 providers + FULL MANAGEMENT

[Image: 44030b6484ca.png]

Location: Dallas, the USA

Hurry up - the number of servers is limited!!! The offer is valid until May 31, 2017.

To order a Dell R220 dedicated server, contact us via Skype inxy.com or live chat on the official website https://inxy.hosting/


Don’t miss top class Highwinds CDN for $9 per 1 TB from INXY
Think that CDN can’t be affordable? INXY debugs this myth! Don’t miss Highwinds CDN sale: $9 per 1 TB and minimal payment starting from $10/month only. Tens of PoPs in the USA and Europe will ensure wide coverage and excellent loading speed for your website.
[Image: 960ccf1bbf6c.jpg]
Have questions? Contact us via Skype Inxy.com and live chat on https://inxy.hosting/


A lucrative offer from INXY: Supermicro server with 100 mbps bandwith for $120/month!
INXY gives you an unmatched opportunity to order a highly efficient dedicated server for $120/month only! Supermicro dedicated servers 813MTQ-350CB / X11SSL-F / E3-1230V5 have the following characteristics:
32GB DDR4 2133MHz ECC Un-Buff
100 mbps unlimited bandwidth
Tier 1 Providers
2 IPv4
[Image: a04070955bcc.jpg]
The servers are located in SwitchDC datacenter (Amsterdam) that guarantees 24/7 server monitoring, exceptional quality of service and 99.99% uptime. With Supermicro dedicated server you will upgrade the quality of your hosting and boost performance considerably.
Want to make an order? Contact us via Skype inxy.com or live chat on official website https://inxy.hosting/


Outperform your rivals with DELL dedicated server for $180/month only
Want to speed up your website, but think you can’t afford a dedicated server? Reap the benefits of dedicated hosting with the new sale from INXY. Only now you can order a DELL R420 server for $180/month only with the following characteristics:
4x300GB SAS
+ 100 mbps via 1 gbps port
Location: USA, Tierpoint DC
[Image: da619585d3e9.jpg]
With this dedicated server you will make your websites and project run faultlessly and incredibly fast!
Ready to make an order? Contact us via Skype inxy.com and live chat on our official website https://inxy.hosting/


Special offer – boost the efficiency of your project with INXY CDN!
Dear client,
We are glad to inform you that INXY LTD has launched brand new CDN (content delivery network) service and now offers a special FREE package that will allow to test all advantages of our network without paying a cent. Our network will turbo-charge your website with fantastic loading speed and make it work much faster for visitors in any part of the world.
[Image: c98664a6f7c1.png]
This is a highly cost-efficient solution that was created to provide your business with sufficient amount of resources and processing power. Our CDN is easily scalable, flexible and productive and, despite low pricing policy, leverages fully professional support for content management.
What makes our CDN special?
·        Free trial period;
·        optimal amount of PoPs (point of presence) – 48 nodes all over the world;
·        top-notch customer support;
·        pay-as-you-go system – you pay for resources that have actually been used.
Don’t miss the opportunity to get the maximum out of your web-resources and bring their delivery to new level. Make the order right now! Contact us via our website https://inxy.host/products/cdn/.


Special offer
Searching for affordable and efficient CDN? Did you know that SpaceCDN has exactly what you need? You can order a reliable and fast UCDN CDN for as low as $4 per 1 TB! 24/7 technical support, excellent security and 100% uptime are guaranteed. Robust CDN solution has never been cheaper! 
[Image: f82ecb60a32c.png]
To place your order, contact us via live chat on https://www.spacecdn.com/ or Skype  inxy.com.


2018 are coming and we would like to wish you a Great and Happy New Year!
Also we run an amazing January offer that includes:
·        limited number of Dell R210 II servers with fast SSD discs
·        16 GB RAM, 100 mbps of Tier-1 premium bandwidth included into price for 50% of the regular cost - 60 USD/mo.
[Image: d80159df46a0.png]
Make the order right now! Contact us via Skype Inxy.com or live chat on our website https://inxyhost.com/.
Happy holidays from INXY team!


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