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Community Update #008
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Community Update #008

Hello everybody
First I want to say sorry that we were offline for more than 15 hours without any notice.
Yesterday we have discovered some security issues in our system. So we close our site without any notice. We have solved that issue and then we notice that MyBB release a new security update, so we decide that we will upgrade our system and then we will be online. So we have started upgrading our system but after upgrading the system we found several issues like quick reply not working, point system not working and others. For this reason it took nearly 15 hours to solve all the issues. We are very happy to say that we have solved all the known issues. However, if you will find any issue/bug in our site than please report us about that.

We didn't made much update in this community update. Please take a look at below to know about updates..

Updates :
  • We have upgraded our system to latest MyBB version
  • We have added Tag system.

Best regards
Noman Prodhan

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