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Buying/selling expired domain really works ?
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Buying/selling expired domain really works ?
 have heard and read about buying and selling of new or expired domain but till this moment the opinions I have heard about the business is really making it difficult for me to decide whether I should trade on expire domain or not.  Please is any one in this business already? 

The business is legit and cool. It can bring good cash if you know the in and out of the business. It requires hard work like any other business. The worst thing to do in this business is jumping into to it without understanding it properly. If you don't understand it, and you go into it, it would be like a gamble to you. At the other hand, if you understand how it works, you will know that it's rather an investment and not a gamble.

I have personally got my hands burned in this business as a newbie. I bought bad domains which were of no market value, I though the domains would sell for profit but I was wrong. I learned my lesson and moved on. I'm still studying the business, since I have been opportuned to chat with some people who are into it and are doing quite fine.

You may want to try it.


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