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Blog hosting ??
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Blog hosting ??
What is the best web host in your opinion to host a blog?

From my opinion you can use HostGator or Godaddy Go.

[Image: FCgKq6Jl.png]

You can use iFastHostNet. Smile

webhostinghub.com has wordpress targetted hosting and i think their support is quite good..
if one need cheaper hosting he can try instantcpanelhosting.com which starts at $0.5/mo. then from control panel click Wordpress icon to install wordpress blog site.

Give our Host a try and if you're satisfied and want a higher specification, upgrade to the Premium Plan Smile

If you ask me, I know several web hosts that are the best for running blogs: Jumpline.com, Hostgator.com and Webhost.pro
They have one click installs that you can install on your server with just one click of a button. Compare them and choose the best.

Have you tried Nomanhosting?  You can try Godaddy also, but do not expect a good customer care.

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