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Before posting job on other forums
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Before posting job on other forums
You can run a forum alone for some niche and where every members have daily activity.
If you have such board like webmaster forum or paid to post forum, forum owner require some people who can support on daily good posts not same posts again and again ...also to manage members activity..

Some ad posting forums have no activity by moderators I saw a community has nothing new posts from staff and contact to admin does not give you reply. In this case program can help owner to manage activity..do know how but some forum is running well without moderators..may be admin is doing so hard ..

I have seen also in some forum owner provide no guide to new staffs. Same positions do always require the same job to do you had done before. So the owner should guide new staff or show some points.
I was appointed in admin post where owner of the site was unable to clear my doubts about my job and he had no example so I could get them by following those. I know he was too busy on managing, if someone want me to support he must clear my doubts about the site/job.
This is what I remain unsure if I should apply for current post or not.

Posts can be made visible only to staff/specific groups members.

Do you have such message or post for new staff ..

This is a good forum for sure if you think that you want to make something good then I advice you that the right place for you to get started is the forum which is very very true and right

Getting a site is easy. In these days one can get a site/forum in a click with one click app installer or other like MyBB where you get free basic support is enough to get start. Only few plugins are require to subscribe for tech support..

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