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Banner & Rotator Giveaway
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Banner & Rotator Giveaway
Hello guys,
As some of you know I'm the admin of two ptc sites which been open around a year.This giveaway is to new signups to my sites.This is a simply way to get your site promoted free and shown to advertisers and members.

Signup to clix-ptc.com or crew4crew-ptc.com and after you have done this post username/site you joined here.

If you would like 5000 banner credits; Please add banner to your newly made account.

If you would like your site feature on our rotator; Please leave link here or pm it and feel free to promote our rotator link.


I have joined your site http://www.crew4crew-ptc.com But I can't login there. When I was trying to login its just showing below message.
Quote:There was a problem signing in..

[Image: FCgKq6Jl.png]

What is your username?

looks like the link you provided is dead now

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