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Any special sites to earn..?
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Any special sites to earn..?
Hi my brothers need to know how u earn besides surveys and ptc as well downloads apps, u guys have any new option how u earn besides this things..? If yes plss reply me as well I too have a 1-2 sites which pays Indian rupee via paytm... So u if u want to know or u have any sites which pays in RUPEE PM ME

Check showmybanners.xyz

This is a nice site to earn . But first you have to upgrade . After Upgradation when you refer a new member you get $2.75 instant to PayPal or Payza. If you want they can provide payment in mobiwik or paytm also . Just contact admin from site .


जब यह India language में बनाया है, तो हिंदी या किसी भारतीय भाषा में लिखना चाहिए था| बहरहाल new website तो बहुत हैं, लेकिन legit को ही join करना चाहिए|


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