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Advertising on Forum For U !!
Forum For U welcome companies and vendors who wish to advertise their businesses, services and products on this forum. Our rates are very affordable and we do not make it a habit to increase ad prices when it isn't needed. Please have a look at our Statistics Page to see some basic statistics of our community.
Note : In some ad zone we use banner rotation script to display banners on our forum. This means that your banner will show on some page loads and it might not show on other page loads.
Our Ad Positions & Rates:

Ad Position : Header Banner Ad Zone
Accepted Banner Size : 728X90pixel
Prices :
  • Weekly Cost : $7.00 USD
  • Monthly Cost : $22.50 USD

Ad Position : Post-bit Static Banner Ad Zone 
Accepted Banner Size : 728X90pixel
Prices :
  • Weekly Cost : $8.80 USD
  • Monthly Cost : $30.00 USD
Note : This banner zone's banner will be displayed after every posts. This is a static banner ad zone and we will not use any banner rotation script so we will only accept one banner per week/month.

Ad Position : Footer Banner Ad Zone
Accepted Banner Size : 728X90pixel
Prices :
  • Weekly Cost : $5.00 USD
  • Monthly Cost : $17.00 USD

We know that many advertiser don't like random banner advertising and want to publish their ads on a static ad zone. If you want we can offer you static banner advertising in any ad zone we listed above. For this please contact us and we will discuss for the price.
Terms of Advertising
  • There are no refunds so please decide fully before purchasing advertisements through our community. 
  • We only accept PayPalPayza and bKash (for Bangladesh only) as payment method. 
  • Adult advertising are not allowed
  • You can't advertise any illegal content
  • We have all the rights to reject your ads at anytime for any reason

If you would like to advertise on our community , please send me private message or send email  at 

Thank you for your interest in advertising with Forum For U and we look forward to doing business with you soon!
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