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2 years of Forum For U !
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2 years of Forum For U !
[Image: dPV4cRo.png]

I have started Forum For U on 5th September 2014. I have started Forum For U with a simple aim and that is all discussion in one forum !!! I have worked as a forum poster on several community forums. I have always noticed that most of the forum have only one niche. I mean some forum made for graphics designing discussion and some for online earning etc. So, I thought that there should be a community where people can discuss everything as they want and finally I have started FFU. Since then we are trying our best to make this community more popular and helpful.
However, today is Second Anniversary of Forum For U. [Image: Big Grin.png] I am really feeling very happy about FFU.
I hope you guys are enjoying your stay here and will enjoy more !!! [Image: thumbsup.gif]

[Image: LOwAbaO.gif]
[Image: hGDLysh.gif]

I have really enjoyed these two years and I believe that I will enjoy more here Big Grin
Thanks to you and your team for making such as awesome community. Big Grin
Good luck and live long FFU.

[Image: jbOkmRy.gif]
[Image: l7giReY.gif]

Wow ! I am spending my time here for two years !! Really great. I have enjoyed these years and will enjoy more here. I am really feeling very happy to be a member of FFU. I remembered that I have joined FFU when there was only two users one you @NomanProdhan and another one @Sadness . In that time I thought that FFU will not be able to live for one or two years. But I was wrong..Its still online with lots of discussions and users. I am very happy for FFU. Good luck @NomanProdhan . You are doing a great job here Big Grin

[Image: 8eNA4nZ.gif]
[Image: wGy6Wro.gif]

Happy Birthday FFU . Good Job by Staffs and Users keeping it alive till now .

[Image: qVapGxf.gif]

I really love this community. I am really very happy for FFU. Live long FFU Big Grin

OMG happy birthday Big Grin congrats Big Grin we are the best ffu comunity in this world !!!!

Many many happy returns of the day. I hope FFU will be alive for more hundred years... Big Grin

Happy Birthday ! 
We hope this community to be the most lasting . Do yourself a great job

i am a new member here but i really like this forum , i like the contests and all the members are serious and friendly . HAPPY BIRTHDAY FORUMFOU

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